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MusicVoice.Band ~ is for all things music! <br> The place to go for 'Showcasing' your singing voice | Your Band | or your musical talent | & More <br>See You here! <br>The MV Team

MusicVoice.Band ~ is for all things music!

Have you ever dreamed of being in and around the music industry? Whether a singer in the the spotlight, or a musician on stage with the most famous band in the world - IE: The Beatles... We all have aspirations of some kind, but wouldn't it be 'really nice' if there was a website dedicated specifically to the industry of your wishes; MUSIC.

Look no further, here you can find anything, everything, about all things music, & more as MV grows!
* Are you a singer looking to 'showcase' your voice for bands to hear - think of Freddy Mercury of Queen and how he got started.     
* Are you a musician | Guitar | Drums | Bass | Keyboard | and more; 'Showcase' your talent here for your discovery!              
* Are you a band seeking a new singer, look no further, check out self auditions by singers here on MV.
* Are you an 'AGENT' looking for talent to represent for promotions and concerts. Keep checking back here for more postings and updates.

Post your music | Your encouraging storiesYour garage band videos  |  & More

See You Here,

The MV Team

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Admin Channel 6 months ago
A long time in coming! A much needed website...
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